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The British branded Pico Genie A200 is one of the most compact, best value for money portable LED (DLP) projectors in the world with in-built battery, MHL and HDMI connectivity. Quick and easy connection via HDMI means you can connect to your favourite devices including Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC, DVD player and more. Thanks to the bulb-less LED technology it’s possible to get a 20,000 hour lifespan. Its strong battery life means it’s perfect for instantly SHARING videos, web pages, TV shows or your phone/tablet screen just about ANYWHERE.

Product Profile

Pico Genie A200

The Pico Genie A200 portable LED projector is a tiny new British branded mini projector using DLP technology for clearer images. Connect to any HDMI device and project content from iPads & iPhones (Apple cable not supplied), laptops, Smartphones, Netbooks, DVD players, games consoles, TV boxes, tablets, and more.


The Pico Genie A200 is a superbly designed lightweight mini projector and is the perfect complement to your Smartphone or other gadgets. At only 0.28 lbs it’s very light and portable and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

Enlarge your videos and photos from your tiny phone screen to a 60 inch image (diagonally). Project your tablet or phone screen directly onto a wall, floor or ceiling. Enjoy up to 3 hours use on battery or connect to the mains while projecting via your USB phone charger. You can even enjoy (music) videos thanks to the 2W built-in speakers.


This is the ultimate accessory for quickly increasing your screen size and providing a surprisingly good image.


Key features

• Tiny projector that will work with almost any device with HDMI video out

• In-built MHL connectivity for Android/Windows phones or tablets

• DLP projection for enhanced image quality

• Stylish, lightweight casing weighing less than 0.28lbs!

• Battery time is approx 3 hours

• 2W inbuilt speaker



This projector  is compatible for use with:

  • Apple devices: Supports iPhone 4s / 5 / 6 or iPads when used with an Apple Digital AV Adapter. With this cable (not supplied) it will fully mirror the Apple device.

  • Android / Windows devices: This projector will also fully mirror any Smartphone which supports “MHL”.

  • To find out if your phone supports MHL check with your phone manufacturer. Most Android or Windows phones now support MHL. You can also check the MHL website

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RRP: £178

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