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Pico Genie P100 has featured in T3 under Cool Gadgets and Gizmos:New tech to buy in 2013

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Telegraph, London

Pico Genie M400 & Pico Genie P50. November 2013

Time Out

"The new generation of smartphone mini projectors are simply brilliant... any wall of your house can become a cinema screen. We watched Oblivion on the living-room wall, and the kids particularly loved playing an Xbox game on six feet of kitchen wall, using their smartphones."

Pico Genie P50. November 2013

"This little black box holds the key to portable home cinema"

GQ Magazine

Pico Genie P50. November 2013

Next time you’re away on work, pack this 148g projector, which can create a 90-inch cinema screen on a wall. The P50 connects to almost any computer or smartphone.

T3 Online

P100. June 2013

A100. December 2012

Pico Genie A100 featured in T3 under "Best Apple iPhone 4S cases and covers"

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Pico Genie A100. April 2013

EasyJet. The Traveller

Pico Genie A100. December 2012 / January 2013

The Pico Genie P50 LED projector is thw world's smallest battery powered projector offering an impressive 40 lumens of brightness with extensive connectivity (HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD). Measuring only 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.2cm it's a similar size and weight to a phone and is capable of projecting a 90" image directly from a smartphone, iPad, camera, laptop, DVD player and more. Includes 2 hour battery.

P50 inFocus magazine BBC Science Focus

Crowded Brain

Pico Genie P100. September 2012


Du Jour Magazine

Pico Genie P50. March 2014

"To make the most of your iPhone experience and then some—like sharper photos, extended battery life and a physical keyboard—consider these new and innovative add-ons."

Red Bulletin Magazine

Pico Genie P100. May 2014

"Screen your latest short film, get laughs with a YouTube cat clip of rule a meeting witha killer spreadsheet. This palm-sized projectro works with both Apple and Android handsets and any HDMI-compatible device, creating a 'screen' ranging from 10in to 60in on any blank surface. The images are bright and clear, the integrated speaker allows everyone to listen in and a built-in battery pack means it won't drain your handset. "

Education Today Magazine & Online

Pico Genie portable projectors. November 2014

"Do you face daily challenges with space inside and outside your classroom? Do you use iPads, tablets, PCs or laptops? If the answer is yes, you should consider a Pico Genie portable LED projector with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which can help turn any space into a work space. This can maximise ALL your indoor and outdoor spaces including corridor walls, staff rooms or special needs areas.


Pico Genie projectors allow any wall space to be transformed into a work space, projecting images up to 150”. Simple to use, with instant on/off and no expensive bulbs to replace they are a great return on investment.





At Bett this year the Pico Genie projectors became popular in schools for multiple applications, ranging from head teacher meetings to creating artwork, displays, PE, music, gaming as well as a back-up whiteboard projector, to reduce any classroom downtime.


Head Teacher Clare Kelly, Dane Royd Primary School said, “the Pico Genie projectors are so useful for sharing data, digital content or documents like RAISEonline in the Headteacher’s office with the SLT or Governors. They are ideal for projecting content for staff meetings in the comfort of the staff room or for one to one learning spaces / intervention groups. Moreover, displays and sensory environments are now easily created anywhere on a low budget.”


Visit www.picogenie.com to see the great range of value for money portable projectors, ranging from the Pico Genie P50 Pro (£185) to the Pico Genie M400 (£449)

The Independent & OK! Magazine

Pico Genie portable projectors. December 2014

"Get a BIG SCREEN wherever you go from your tablet, smartphone or laptop with a Pico Genie Portable Projector! As Seen on the Gadget Show"

Ideal for Movies, Travel, Gaming, Sharing, Presentations and more.