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Pico Genie M100

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The Pico Genie M100 LED mini projector is the perfect portable travel projector for Apple or Android devices. It also has a Powerbank, USB, SD, HDMI letting you connect to almost all devices.


With 65 lumens of (DLP) brightness you will be able to enjoy a 70" projected image wherever you are from your laptop, mobile, tv, dvd player, games console and more. It also has a rechargeable inbuilt battery or can be used via the mains.


In terms of connectivity the Pico Genie M100 LED projector is perfect for almost anything, with HDMI, SD and USB. It can also power your portable device via the powerbank feature.


Wired projection - playback content without a laptop or without connecting to any other device simply by using the MicroSD card slot or USB port so you can use it independently of other devices. No need to carry your laptop or tablet !


The Pico Genie M100 projector will also connect to iPads, iPhones via HDMI (an Apple Digital AV HDMI adaptor required - see Apple Store for more details) and for Android devices can connect via HDMI / MHL which is also built-in.


Ideal for personal use, business or travel, it's a very unique user-friendly portable projector offering wireless connectivity across Android and Apple devices, easily syncing with your devices to smartphones, DVD players, TV, games consoles via HDMI.


Unique Features:


  • Power bank with 4000mAh battery

  • Ultra-thin profile

  • 65 lumens of DLP brightness

  • Excellent connectivity HDMI, MicroSD and USB

  • DLP LED light source, 20,000 hours life, energy saving

  • 1.5w built in speaker

  • For connection to Apple devices with iOS 9+ such as iPad, iPod and iPhone you will need an Apple AV Adapter/Wireless Dongle


Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 70mm (L x W x H)


Weight: 190g

The ultra-slim lightweight Pico Genie M100 LED pocket projector is one of the best portable equip with USB, SD card, HDMI and an in-built powerbank feature.


With 65 lumens of (DLP) brightness and a rechargeable inbuilt battery you will be able to enjoy a 70" projected image wherever you are from your laptop, mobile, tv, dvd player, games console.


It provides the perfect projector for business, travel or home use.

RRP: £299.99

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EAN: 0700461138433

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