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Do they connect to both Macbook and IOS iPad and iPhones?

Yes, the Pico Genie range will all connect to MacBook Pro’s, iPads, and iPhones wirelessly.


If the Mac Pro also has USB-C the Impact 4 can also mirror via a USB-C cable i.e wired. Only the Impact 4 has the USB-C option.


The Impact 2, 3, and 4 will also mirror to iPads and iPhones via the apple charging cable.

How do I connect my IOS device to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

There are two ways of connecting to the Pico Genie Impact projectors, you can either:

  • Connect using a USB lightning charger cable (iPhone charger) OR

  • Connect Wirelessly using screen mirroring. Ensure both devices are connected to the same wi-fi network > then click the Airplay / screen mirroring icon on the mac > choose ID "PICO-XXXXXXX" 


Please note, some newer IOS devices use USB-C and will require a USB-C to HDMI adaptor (Mini HDMI for Impact 2.0) for wired screen mirroring.

How do I connect my Android device to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

There are two ways of connecting to the Pico Genie Impact projectors via Android, you can either:

  • Connect using your phone port to HDMI adaptor OR...

  • Connect Wirelessly using screen mirroring. Ensure both devices are connected to the same wi-fi network > Download the eShare app on your mobile phone > Open the eShare app on your projector first then on your mobile phone > On your mobile phone connect to the projector via the eShare app (it should be named EShare-XXXX)

  • Impact 4.0 allows direct connection via a USB-C connection

For more information on mirroring see the video below

How do I connect my laptop / PC to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?


If you are unable to wirelessly connect to your computer, you will need to install eShare for PC onto your projector.


You can download the eShare app here.

To install the eShare app > download the app and copy it to a USB drive > insert the USB into the projector > go to the file manager on the projector, find the app, and install the eShare app.

Alternatively, you can connect via an HDMI cable.

How do I connect my MAC to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

Connect both devices to the same wi-fi network, then click the Airplay / screen mirroring icon on the mac and choose ID "PICO-XXXXXXX"


See your user manual for more information.

How do I connect the mouse to the Pico Genie Impact 1.0?

The mouse carries a USB dongle underneath it, this needs to be taken out of the mouse and inserted into the projector for it to work.

Pico Genie Impact 1.0 Keeps Asking to Reboot Upon Start-Up

Ensure you have removed the wireless mouse's USB dongle from the projector beforehand and then try starting the projector back up.

What to do if the remote isn't working for the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

Ensure the batteries are working and placed into the remote correctly.


Also, ensure you are pointing the remote at the IR receiver, this is on the back of the unit. If struggling to use the remote you can also plug in a mouse and use either Impact projector like a PC.

My Pico Genie Impact projector is out of focus?

Use the focus wheel to put the projector into focus, this is usually found on the side of the projector. Impact 4.0 has auto focus and manual focus can be done via the remote.

How do I connect my Pico Genie Impact projector to a mobile hotspot?

  1. Go into your phone's settings > Mobile data / hotspot

  2. Turn on your mobile hotspot and give it a password

  3. Ensure the mobile hotspot is made visible to other devices

  4. On the projector, go to wi-fi, click your hotspot, and connect using the password you setup


If you are having issues connecting to your mobile hotspot then please try the following:

  • Try changing the hotspot password, turning off the hotspot, and then turning it back on to try again

  • Try changing the security settings on your mobile hotspot settings (it should be set to WPA2)

  • Try factory resetting the projector within the settings and trying again, this usually fixes most bugs on projectors

For more information see the video below

My Impact projector won't connect to the Wi-Fi

  • Try turning off both the router and projector. Turn the router back on, once back up and running turn on the projector and try to connect the projector again.

  • Move the projector closer to the router

  • Remove some devices from your Wi-Fi network, you may have too many connected

  • Try connecting to someone else's Wi-Fi, this will determine if the issue is with your projector or your Wi-Fi


Alternatively, you can display your content via an HDMI cable or USB.

How to change the projection orientation on the Impact range? 


From the home screen > go to “Settings” > “Projection Setting” > “Projection Setting” > from here you can choose the following options to reverse the image:

  • Front Projection

  • Rear Projection

  • Ceiling Projection

  • Flip Projection

For more information, check out the video below!

The projected image looks out of proportion on my projector

This could be due to how the keystone correction / 4 corner correction is set up.

Reset the keystone, try projecting straight on, and see if it still looks out of proportion.

How to adjust the image (keystone correction) on the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

From the main menu on the projector > go to Settings > Projection Settings > Projector Keystone


Once on this menu, you can adjust each corner until it is square.

Here are some video links of the Impact 2.0 being used for art with a demonstration of the keystone being used


(all the impacts work in the same way):​

How to enlarge/reduce the image on the Pico Gene Impact projector?

To enlarge the photo you will have to move the projector further away from the surface you are projecting on.

To make the image smaller, move the projector closer.

Another way to enlarge the image, if you are screen mirroring, is by ‘pinching’ the screen to enlarge the image.

See this video below and skip to the timestamp 1m 31s for more info!

How to access a USB on a Pico Genie Impact projector?

  • Plug your USB stick into the projector (ideally, one that is less than 32GB or it may not recognise it)

  • Then go to apps and access the file manager app

  • Within the file manager app, click on your USB and from there you will find all the data that is stored on the USB stick

For information on wireless mice and keyboards see the video below

How To Update The iMirror/AirPlay App Pico Impact Projectors? (When iOS Devices Won't Mirror)

Download this file here and upload it onto a USB drive. On the projector, access the USB drive and install the file.

How To Factory Reset Pico Genie Impact Projectors

From the Home Screen > Click into 'Settings' > Click 'Update' > Then click 'Factory data reset'


It can take around 5 minutes to factory reset the projector, please don't press any buttons or try turn it off until it has finished. It's also advisable to keep it plugged in while resetting so the battery doesn't die while resetting.

For more information play the video below.

Projector is now projecting black and white instead of in colour


If this happens, click the projector settings button on your remote (it's right above the up arrow) and restore it to the default settings

How to loop a video

Via the built-in MX media player, play the video then on the remote press the menu button and select the loop option from the top right.

With the Pico Genie Impact and M550 range of projectors, you can also download apps onto the projector itself and choose alternative media players such as VLC media player.

Pico Genie Impact Range: Brightness and Resolution Comparison

Pico Genie Impact Range: A Comparison For Artists

Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0 Projector Troubleshooting Guide

Remote control not working / remote back won't open for the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

Try changing the batteries on the remote, see the video on how to remove the remote back here.

Turn the projector off and on and try to re-pair the remote.

User Manuals



Pico Genie Impact 2.0
User Manual

M550 Plus 2.0 Front Lens Right.jpg

Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0
User Manual


Pico Genie Impact 3.0
User Manual


Pico Genie Impact 4.0
User Manual

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