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Pico Genie Impact 2.0


Pico Genie Impact 2.0, a high-quality ultra-portable projector designed to fit in any bag or even pocket. Suitable for all external devices such as android / IOS mobiles, laptops / PCs, tablets and more with its extensive connectivity options. Enjoy content anywhere directly from the projector with the built-in Android 7 OS.

Its unique tiny and high-quality design whilst still maintaining a whole range of features is what sets it apart from other projectors on the market.

Amazing image quality and impressive design

This mini projector offers beautiful image quality up to Full HD resolution with 1200 marketing lumens (200 ANSI).

Designed to fit in any bag or pocket is what sets it apart from other projectors on the market coupled with its easy to use simple Android interface (also works with Apple products) that brings to life entertainment directly from the device from an extensive range of apps from the play store such as Netflix, YouTube, Microsoft office and much more.

Easy setup

The Impact 2.0 projector can be placed anywhere and project on to any surface.

Easily set up to match your needs, this projector features advanced installation such as both vertical keystone correction and horizontal manual 4 corner projection

The Pico Genie Impact 2.0 projector has a standard tripod thread so you can easily mount it on a tripod and project in your preferred location.


Suitable for all external devices such as android / IOS mobiles, laptops / PCs, tablets and more with its extensive connectivity options.

Connecting to mobile phones has never been simpler with this device. For Apple iPhone users, it offers a crucial direct-wired connection without the need for expensive HDMI to Lightning adapters. Simply plug in using your existing USB lightning charging cable to connect the phone making it a joy to use wired or wirelessly (some newer IOS devices use USB-C and will require a USB-C to Mini HDMI adaptor for wired screen mirroring).

The Impact 2.0 can also be charged with a standard mobile phone USB power supply. and comes with an international plug system (Type UK, EU, USA, Australia) so it can be used while travelling almost anywhere in the world.

Wireless mirroring is also included meaning it is easy to connect to mobile devices including both Apple and Android phones and tablets with screen mirroring or airplay.

Connect to external speakers with Bluetooth.

The Pico Genie Impact 2.0 also supports E-Share app allowing you to control your projector from your mobile.

Connectivity options include:

  • HDMI

  • USB

  • AUX

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Android, Mac and IOS Compatible

Not all portable projectors are compatible with BOTH Macs and IOS as well as and this is where the Impact range of products excel. They are all compatible with both MacOS (for Macbooks) and also with IOS (for Iphones & Ipads etc) wirelessly or wired.

Wireless Screen Mirroring: Connect via Airplay with the Mac and projector connected to the same wifi hotspot / network

Wired Screen Mirroring: iPhones/iPad (IOS) can use EITHER the charging cable to screen mirror OR use an HDMI to lightning adaptor (not supplied). 

Android devices are fully wireless compatible for screen mirroring. For wired screen mirroring see the Impact 4.0 or use USB or Android Apps on the Impact 2 for data transfer.

More portable with built-in battery

Use the Pico Genie Impact 2.0 on the go without the need for a mains power supply. This projector has a built-in battery (up to 2 hours) and the ability to charge it using a power bank.


Overall, ultra portable yet high quality design, fast processing and packed with every imaginable feature at an affordable price makes this model highly desirable.

The Impact 2.0 projector works great for many applications including home cinema, camping, artwork and more. 

It can also project an image size as small Width: 2" x Height: 1" up to 120" (diagonal) and still remain in focus. This makes it great for art, cookie drawings, carpet designs and much more!

Ready to be used with a variety of devices, including:

  • Laptops (wired or wireless for pictures, videos, MP3)

  • Smartphones including Android or IOS

  • e-Tablets such as iPads (full screen mirroring)


What's in the box?

  • x1 Pico Genie Impact 2.0 Projector

  • x1 Global Plug system (UK & EU & USA & Australia Interchangeable) 

  • x1 HDMI Cable with mini HDMI adaptor

  • x1 Remote control

  • x1 Battery

  • x1 Tripod

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