Connecting to mobile phones has never been simpler with this device and for Apple iPhone users it also offers a crucial direct-wired connection without the need for expensive HDMI to Lightning adapters. You simply plug in using your existing USB charging cable to connect the phone making it a joy to use wired or wirelessly.


The Pico Genie Impact 3.0 has a built-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker box to ensure better sound effect & home theatre experience. Also, have the option to connect external headphones via Bluetooth or mini-jack.


Watch up to 2.5 hours movie with one-time charge with the built-in battery making it great for travelling.


Overall, great design, fast processing and packed with every imaginable feature at an affordable price makes this model highly desirable.


Ready to be used with a variety of devices, including:


Laptops (wired or wireless for pictures, videos, MP3)

Smartphones including Android or IOS

e-Tablets such as iPads (full screen mirroring)


What's in the box?


x1 Pico Genie Impact 3.0 Projector

x1 UK Plug & Power adaptor

x1 Remote Control with 3AAA batteries

x1 HDMI cable

Pico Genie Impact 3.0


Travel anywhere and project anything with the Pico Genie Impact 3.0 ultra portable smart projector. Play content from your favourite video streaming app directly from the projector with the built-in Android 7 OS alternatively screen mirror your phone's screen.

Display high-quality images up to 200" in normal lighting conditions with a brightness of 300 Ansi Lumens and an impressive contrast ratio.