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Pico Genie M400


The Pico Genie M400 HD LED projector is the very latest in ultra mini projection. It is one of the first ultra portable LED mini projectors on the market offering 3D out of the box without requiring a PC. It also has a battery on board so you can project at any time and offers excellent connectivity (USB, HDMI, VGA, TF card) and it offers an excellent image whether its in 2D or 3D.


Image performance is impressive providing a 100" screen in both 2D and 3D with WXGA resolution and 300 lumens (DLP) brightness.


This pico projector is also ultra portable weighing just 590g and measures just 18cm x 11cm x 2.8cm so its easy to hold in the hand. Slip the M400 projector into your laptop bag to take on the go and switch it on using the inbuilt battery or mains.


The Pico Genie M400 manages to pack in all the features you could ever want into one tiny package and is perfect for either on-the-go business use or just for watching movies in 2D or 3D.


Key Unique Features


- Up to 300 lumens LED HD

- Inbuilt battery (up to 1 hr at full brightness)

- 3D ready (DLP-Link) with no extra conversion equipment and works straight out of the box (Active Shutter glasses available seperately)

- Comes with a 4GB MicroSD card. No need to connect a PC!

- Wireless audio via FM transmitter - Simply tune your FM receiver to 88.5FM and share the sound!

- Automatic digital vertical keystone correction (+/- 45 degrees)

- Optional Wireless dongle for wireless streaming*


Other Main Features


- DLP technology from Texas Instruments for Sharper, Detailed  images

- 20,000 hours of LED light-source life span

- WXGA (1200 X 800) resolution

- Sleek high gloss design

- Ready to be used with a variety of devices, including:

 - Digital cameras

 - Laptops

 - Smartphones

 - e-Tablets such as iPads

- Convert your PowerPoints to JPEGs or MPTG files and display data on the go, without a PC

- HDMI, VGA, USB, MicroSD (TF card) input ports

- Stereo speakers

- 5.1 Stereo sound output

- Weighs just 520g, Slim and portable

- Comes with:

 - Mains power supply

 - Remote control

 - AV cable

- Versatile and portable enough for both business and leisure, making it ideal for sharing digital content


*Wireless connection with the optional dongle will work with free EZCast software (Excluding Mac computers).

RRP: £449.99

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