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Pico Genie P100


This is the smallest and lightest Pico Projector


The tiny Pico Genie P100 is one of the only Pico Projectors to have been built to operate at its full 85 lumen brightness on battery as well as mains power. Designed specifically for use with mobile phones and portable HDMI gadgets, it will run for 2 hours from the inbuilt battery and even charge your device by the USB port to ensure you've always got power on the go!


Connect the Pico Genie P100 to almost any Smartphone as well as other devices via HDMI and mirror everything on the screen for a portable entertainment or business tool.


Key Unique Features


- 85 lumens of brightness on battery and mains power

- Mirror everything on your device's screen

- Tiny size (99.5 x 99 x 22.5mm)

- 2 hour operation from the inbuilt, rechargeable battery.


Other Main Features


- DLP Technology for richer sharper images

- 20,000 hour LED lamp life

- Excellent form factor with a cool pure white design

- HDMI connection

- 1000:1 contrast ratio for deeper colour

- WVGA (854 x 480) resolution

- Dual 1W stereo speakers

- Can charge your Smartphone when connected (even when the projector is switched off) so you don't deplete your phone's battery

- Can be used with almost any Smartphone (including Android, Windows and iPhone)

- Can be used with VGA devices with a VGA to HDMI adapter.


What's in the box?


- 1x Pico Genie P100 Projector

- 1x Power Adapter (with UK, EU and US changable plug)

- 1x HDMI Cable

- 1x Small woven projector bag

- 1x Mini Tripod

- 1x User Manual

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