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Pico Genie P200


The NEW Pico Genie P200 is one of the smallest portable LED projectors with an incredible 200 lumens, by far the best in its tier. From the palm of your hand the P200 allows you to create a super bright image at over 120".


Sharing content has been made easy, just connect up your USB, Micro SD or HDMI connected device and project anywhere. The P200 is ideal for home use, travelling, business, education environments or even a portable home cinema!


At just 110 x 95 x 28mm the P200 really can fit in your pocket. Packing a mighty 200 lumens this LED pico projector will produce a high brightness image from it’s inbuilt battery. With a powerful in-built battery the P200 can be used in almost any location with or without mains power.


The P200’s sleek high gloss design makes this new pico projector stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s going to be used for business, education, sales, travelling or simply home use the P200 will make an impression in any environment.


You can mirror your Android mobile phone or tablet screens as well as mirror your Apple screen on iPhone 4s (or higher) or iPad 2 (or higher). You can mirror the screen of your laptops using HDMI cables (or HDMI converter for Apple devices).


You can use the projector as a  stand alone device and put content onto a USB Stick or SD card so no laptop is required.


Use it in the office, education environment, at home or on the road to share on a bigger screen.


Released April 2016


Key Unique Features


- Super bright 200 lumens on battery or mains power

- Connect any device via HDMI, USB, MicroSD (TF card) input ports

- HDMI Powered, dongles such as Chromecast can be powered via the HDMI


Other Main Features


- Up to 1 hours battery life at 200 lumens (2000mAh)

- Audio out via 3.5mm jack

- 2 watt internal speakers

- Micro SD- No need to connect a PC!

- Share your Smartphone/tablet/laptop at over 120"

- 2 Watt speakers

- DLP technology from Texas Instruments for sharper more detailed images

- 20,000 hours of LED light-source life span

- WVGA (854 X 480) resolution

- Beautifully designed housing


Ready to be used with a variety of devices, including:


- Digital cameras/GoPro

- Laptops

- Smartphones

- e-Tablets such as iPads

- Weighs just 290g, slim and portable

- Dimensions of just: 110x95x28mm

RRP: £285

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