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The Pico Genie Polar Smart Projector offers great design and fantastic bright image quality with a solid quality build. Offering extensive wirelessly connectivity to almost any device and a simple user interface. With its Android interface it allows stand alone usage of the projector without the need to connect to any other device or you can wirelessly mirror your screen from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet.


This model has one of the highest specs at 500 ansi lumens at a breakthrough price point representing great value for money.


Use the Android interface to download apps and watch TV, Netflix, Youtube etc or use for business or learning via apps such as Microsoft Office or download games. Alternatively wirelessly mirror your iPad or iPhone or Android tablet/phone on the big screen via airplay / screen mirroring / smart view.


Overall, the Pico Genie Polar is one of the best value projectors with its quad-core processor, 8G memory, intelligent Android 4.4 OS, Wifi wireless Internet access, a full-function remote control and wireless mirroring to Apple, Android and Windows devices.


Key Unique Features


- Impressive bright image quality (500 ansi lumens) at a breakthrough price point (can be used in normal light conditions without blinds closed at over 50" screen size)

- Easy to use interface

- Solid build quality

- 2 hour battery

- Apple / Android / Windows screen mirroring

- Android 4.4 with pre-loaded apps including Netflix

- x2 USB ports (inc x1 USB 3, x1 USB 2), Mini VGA/AV port, 3D, TF / SD card slot

- Control projector and Android directly with a keyboard / mouse (not supplied) or use supplied remote control

- Use as a stand-alone device like a PC with its built in wifi and Android interface and download apps from the Play store

- Connect to any phone, tablet or laptop (requires casting from Windows 8.1 or higher)

- Wifi wireless Internet acces

- Easily connect to laptops from VGA or HDMI ports or even wirelessly (laptop must support wireless casting)

- Physical on/off hold switch plus additional on/off to prevent accidental power on


Whats in the box

- Projector

- Power Supply unit with UK plug

- HDMI cable

- Remote control

- User manual



Differences to Pico Genie Panda


The Pico Genie Panda has the following dfferences. Panda has

- Touch panel controls on the main unit (remote only on the Polar)

- Only 630 grams versus 850 grams (Polar)

- Gold (Panda) colour versus silver (Polar)

- Polar is of solid metal construction whereas Panda is lighter hardened plastic


RRP Price: £455

Pico Genie Polar

The Pico Genie Polar Smart Projector offers great design and build, coupled with a nice bright image. Offering extensive wireless connectivity to almost any device and a simple user interface its extensive feature list leaves nothing to be desired.


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