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The future of portable projection is here...

 Welcome to Pico Genie

Pico Genie

is proud to be a British brand


3D Glasses

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Pico Genie Portable Screens

Pico Genie M550 Plus

Features include a wireless keyboard, Apple Wireless Mirroring as standard and a 3-hour battery life at 650 lumens

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This Plus version of this projector also includes HDMI + Android 6

A new breed of hybrid projector combines great sound with stunning images in a tiny handheld cylinder that can rotate with one twist of the lens for easy wall or ceiling viewing.

Pico Genie Periscope 55% Pico Genie Periscope Plus

The Pico Genie projector is similar to the Panda version but also has a touch panel and is constructed of lighter weight materials.

The Polar projector has sleek modern design with Touchpanel, Android, Wireless, Great Value, High Brigtness 500 lumens and Solid metal durable design and extensive connectivity.

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Pico Genie Showcase Video